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Stem Cell Activation

Beauty isn't just skin deep, it's organ deep. If our organs are dis-eased or toxic, it may not show up for years in our complexion or even in our eyes. This means that the damage is being done silently. And many times we don't even think about the way our skins looks as anything other than just...


Who are you marketing to?

Have you ever wondered who you are selling to? What is the difference between marketing and selling? Well, if you don't market you're not going to be selling anything. Marketing is dealing with relationships, education and getting your name, services, and abilities out there to be seen. Selling...


The Practice of Good Business

Many of us are so excited about the transformations in our own lives, that we tend to forget how to articulate the good it can do for others. Our excitement can/may overwhelm others that have no clue what even a frequency is. We all think that people should know what a frequency is, but in...


Missing the Mark

Isn't it strange that we spend most of our lives figuring out who we are and what we want to bring to the world only to feel like we're so far behind that we'll never catch up? Have you ever felt this way before? Through the course of my life, I think I've reinvented myself over a dozen times....



When it comes to Quantum Biofeedback the best way to gain greater understanding is by experiencing it for yourself. But more than that, to help others it's more about the experiential part that you receive when you do workshops, create your own panels, and watch Mindful Monday or Tutorial...