When it comes to Quantum Biofeedback the best way to gain greater understanding is by experiencing it for yourself. But more than that, to help others it's more about the experiential part that you receive when you do workshops, create your own panels, and watch Mindful Monday or Tutorial Tuesday and begin to apply what you've learned.

Your education team is here to bring you the greatest insight and application when it comes to your devices. We have over 23-years of experience in the QBFB world. But also, your instructors have years and years of experience that has created that experiential component that makes an expert and expert.

Now, don't be afraid of the word expert!

When I use this word I'm not saying they know it all, but rather they are the best at what they know to do when it comes to what they know to do. In some way, each of you are experts in something. This said, many times we refuse to talk to someone about what we do because we doubt our worthiness, value, or knowledge. I used to tell my massage students all the time, "Every person you see is an opportunity to education them on what you do."

It's funny, but for some reason I'm always asked, "What do you do?" I guess I have that kind of presence when I enter a room, I don't know!

So please enjoy the wealth of information, insight, and experience right here at your finger tips. We have courses that fit every level of learning when it comes to your devices. And, please, always reach out to the education team if you need further assistance.

Love, Dr. V