Isn't it strange that we spend most of our lives figuring out who we are and what we want to bring to the world only to feel like we're so far behind that we'll never catch up? Have you ever felt this way before?

Through the course of my life, I think I've reinvented myself over a dozen times. This isn't a bad thing, they were all just different states of consciousness. And as fast as I was going through some of these states, I felt like God had be in the intensive course to enlightenment. But what I eventually discovered is this, all there is is now. I discovered that we're never done. That as soon as you think you are, there is another something, something just in front of you.

So, where do we begin?

The greatest tool that we have to sort things out is within our own mind. But many of us aren't even awake enough to recognize that we're asleep; and this includes me. There are times I just want to ball up under the covers and make it all go away, and then other day's I'm signing the praises of the good day. But where do we begin to make sense of it all, bring it into harmony, and start living our lives in balance instead of swinging the pendulum so far right and left that we are bipolar in our own hearts and mind?

Begin with Quantum Biofeedback!

Quantum Biofeedback allows us to see where we have missed the mark. Giving us clues to the recesses of our beliefs, emotions, and memories that dictate our reality we are better able understand what's driving us. Some use the device as a means to work only on physical imbalances; while others, such as myself, use the device to uncover the "cause" of the condition. This means we are looking at the belief systems, the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are creating the experience in order to know better how to create what we do want.

How many times have you heard an adult say, "Man, I'm just never going to get this," only to have them never get it?

How many times a day are you saying something that you don't mean or want made manifest in your life?

So where do we begin? With our words!!! Change your mantra, change your life!

Words are so critical to what is made manifest in our lives that it's an important part of any Insight session that we do. Your Identifying Characteristics box is allowing you to begin the process of undoing the harm, stress, imbalance, and/or disharmony that has already begun to demonstrate itself, such as with low back pain, or fatigue. You see, there is absolutely NOTHING that occurs in your life that is not backed by a belief. Oh, sure, you may not remember that you said and felt that a certain relationship was breaking your heart while you're having that heart issue, but you did and now the reason for the heart issue.

How many times have your heard someone say, "I have a bad heart because it's in my genes, both my parents had a bad heart." What if I told you that you turned on that switch within yourself to have a bad heart when you believed it to be true. I'll give you a story that proves my point.

My aunt would always say that her veins and heart were bad because her father was the same exact way. She would bemoan how bad she felt, or how she couldn't breathe, or how ugly her veins were. My grandfather died of a heart attack and my aunt would say, "I'm going to wind up just like dad."

Well, my mother decided to have DNA testing done and both her and my aunt discovered that the man that raised them was NOT their father. My aunt had developed issues like my grandfather. She created her condition because she believed it so strongly, but then she discovered that her real family had none of the issues she had developed. What's even more interesting is this, once she discovered this my aunt began to have less and less issues with her heart and veins.

So where do we begin?

We begin by realizing that everything begins in the mind and then is solidified within the heart via our emotions. A strong emotion attached to a though equals reality. So the QBFB helps us to discover those strong emotions and bring them into greater harmony and balance, while also allowing the client to come to some sort of realization about themselves. This is where the golden nuggets are, realizations.

Some will say to me, "But Dr. Velvete, No! This is REAL! I really do have this." And I say to them, "I know. It is real. But now we need to find what caused it to be made manifest within YOU." Please remember, when working with your clients you'll always want to be kind and gentle and support their shifts in awareness gently. Doing so builds trust and you're creating a solid foundation for them by supporting them through their own process.

The classes you see in this school help you to build a solid foundation of information, knowledge, and application when it comes to the Life Insights, but the school also provides education in metaphysical concepts and processes that have worked for me. I'd like to welcome you to this school and encourage you that when you take one of the classes or courses that you begin immediately to apply what you've learned. Application will help to store it within your system, thus making it easier each and every time to pull it back up naturally.

I'll be posting a class very soon in how our words affect our lives, so stay tuned.

With each breath I take, may the light shine brighter in others.

Love, Dr. V