Group Courses and Session

"The more connected with our clients needs, the greater the impact"

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What greater way to work with the collective than within a group.

Groups can allow for a more intimate and nurturing setting, while still providing powerful transformations and insights.

In my eyes "the more the merrier" isn't necessarily true, but rather "the more connected, the greater the impact". Get the point????

It's not always about the numbers that appear to fill up your bank account, but rather creating a group where the universe screams, "YES".

In this course I will teach you:How to create a powerful course that others will be drawn to

    • What to look for in your private sessions that will aid in developing group sessions
    • How to create group courses for folks that do NOT have the app
    • How to use break out rooms for Group Courses
    • How to know your student/participants
    • How to accomplish short term goals as well as long term goals for your groups
    • How to schedule your events
    • How to price your events
    • How to know when enough is enough
    • How to build upon each group session to allow greater growth for your people
    • How to build a platform that can be easily reproduced for smoother content and creations
    The Live Event takes place May 16th and 17th from 2-4PM: CST. If you are not able to attend live, you'll be able to watch the recordings once they have been loaded.

Let's shift the collective collectively with the power of a group!!

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