Hair loss can have a huge impact on people's ability to feel good about themselves. With a little understanding and assistance, we can take the necessary steps to enhance their energetic well-being and bring greater harmony to our clients lives.

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Dr. Velvete

Hi, I’m Dr. Velvete

I'll be your guide as we explore hair loss and thinning. Inner Circle Bonus Webinar's stay on the surface of the issues at hand. This means I don't really explore the metaphysical concepts during the basic classes. However, if you love doing deeper, I recommend joining the Masters or Advance Memberships.

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Hair Loss

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Please enjoy this Inner Circle Bonus Webinar on me. Inner, Advance, and Master members receive monthly bonus webinars each month. This is Novembers bonus, next month (December) I'll be discussing bronchitis. If you would like to become a Member of one of the groups, please click here. Once you join one of our amazing memberships, you'll have full access based on your level of membership. Each one is described for better understanding of the gifts offered.

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