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Phosphorus is a key nutritional element responsible for health and well-being. It is known as the "light bearer" due to its phosphorescent quality that can be found in fireflies and glow worms. This lamplight is consider very symbolic to man's intellect and faculties.

Increase Intuition and Insight

Not everyone wants to be psychic or experience ESP, many are afraid to even listen to the inner voice that craves expression. However, if you desire to connect with people on a deeper level and to be of greater service to help with their person awareness; then this class is for you.

This course is how the element phosphorus plays an extremely important role in our intelligence, our dreams, our optimism, and even autosuggestion. Students will be able to recognize when they themselves and/or their clients are phosphorus deprived.

Individuals have different responses to excess or a deficit of phosphorus depending on if they are male, female, or a child. You will be able to identify these characteristics and offer greater relief and balance to your client; which will ultimate improve the quality of awareness your client experiences.

In relationship to phosphorus, this course will include:

Nutritional Support

Intelligence Impact

Life Impact in regards to reproduction, dreams, ESP, optimism and autosuggestion

The Neurogenic Characteristics

Prophesy and Imagination

Deficiency signs and symptoms

Phosphorus and its direct relationship when it comes to poverty

Did you know that an element could be responsible for poverty? It is also interesting to note, that those that experience poverty have a real desire to be more intuitive. This is because of the imbalance and lack of nutritional support of this key element.

Your Instructor

Dr. Velvete H. Womack, PhD
Dr. Velvete H. Womack, PhD

Thank you for joining Life Insights Education and Training!

My name is Dr. Velvete - as I am called- and I have been a Metaphysician sense before my birth. I truly believe we are all Metaphysicians, we are all seekers of what's beyond our physical senses. But I say that I have been a Metaphysician since beyond birth because my metaphysical experiences started at a very early age.

This said, I obtained my PhD in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. This provided me with a foundation and structure to better understand my experiences in life, as well as feel like my experiences had purpose and meaning in life. As the author of Higher Mind, Lower Mind I have created a process so others may become more in-tune with their spiritual mind which allows them to becoming more intuitive. Opening our intuitive abilities allows us to experience rapid transformation and greater opportunities to experience the greater good in our lives.

As a small child, I always knew there was something bigger than me. Something so deep within me that it was like a beacon always calling out to me. Some would say my life and experiences were mystical. However, I would say they were divine guidance that allowed me to make a stronger connection with my Higher Mind, my spiritual mind.

My life is on FIRE!

Twenty-three years as a Metaphysician has allowed me to become sharper in mind and word, thus perfecting the way I communicate and teach the process and allowing others to benefit, as I have benefited.

Intuitive Insights Healing Systems is more than just a school for quantum biofeedback. Intuitive Insights Healing Systems provides practical use and application of Metaphysical concepts and ideas that will help to expand your horizons. My flagship course, "Intuitive Insights Coaching System" is the reason for my being. It's everything I love about my life, helping others to release and reframe memories and beliefs so they may now enjoy a life of greater ease.

Thank you for being here, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and look forward to your continued growth and success.


Dr. Velvete

Course Curriculum

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